The Croatian springoffer for the Swedish at the Adriatic Sea

The Croatian springoffer for the Swedish at the Adriatic Sea


Thanks to our swedish guests Lena Brigitta & Pierre Wilhelm for the visit in Villa Harmonie Crikvenica.

We would be glad to get more guests from Sweden. You can fly with the Ryanair air company from the Stockholm Skavsta airport to Rijeka (Crikvenica) for 15,99 EUR from the 27th March 2017.
You can find our springoffer on the website
We are looking forward to your visit.
Villa Harmonie Team.

Outdoor Activities

Boat trips to islands (Krk, Rab, Goli, CRES MALI LOSINJ)Join organized groups or engage in self-adventure boat / speed boat to some of the nearby islands. There you will popular destinations and hidden gems Kvarner

Stand Up Paddling

sport that tempts your balance and flexibility seems more demanding than it actually is. After passing the training and receive instruction from professional rowers lightly will be left to the challenge. Activate all the muscles and get to paddle!

National parks Krka and Plitvice Lakes

no visitor should miss these two jewels of Croatian heritage. Beautiful lakes and waterfalls will surely bring a smile to your face, a variety of flora and fauna will become unforgettable memories. Once you visit them, you’ll want to come back to again and again endlessly enjoy the true natural beauty.


If you enjoy spending free time in nature, in Omiš end will surely come into their own. Experience the feeling of freedom and fill the lungs with fresh air while hiking interesting paths through untouched nature. Everyone will be among the many trails in the surrounding mountains to find one that fits their interests and abilities.


This is the most popular activity on the Omiš area in recent years. Trekking tested the outer limits of human ability and physical stamina. It is usually practiced by individuals in the (very) good shape who want to explore the less accessible parts of the mountains and have extremely good sense of orientation in space.


and leave the problems of stress on the surface and have an unforgettable experience while diving in the crystal clear waters. Choose a course that is tailored to your abilities and past experience to meet many fish and plant species in this area.


This is certainly an activity that must try if you spend the holidays in Crikvenica. In the beautiful scenery of the river Kupa, supplemented with fascinating flora and fauna, embark on a journey filled with adventure spirit. Once you guides explain the basics of operating the vessel, can fully relax and enjoy in this exciting activity.


those looking for adrenaline and stunning dose of excitement definitely should accept the challenge and “fly” zip line a long even 2 km impressive and untouched landscape. Overcome fear and simply admire the incredible vista Cap Kačjak from above.


spend minutes or hours in the air, let the air currents and experience the most beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea. One of the best places to engage in this activity is a nearby place Tribalj


If you’re on holiday with friends, rent indoor / outdoor indoor football and enjoy a version of the “second most important thing in the world”.


select active and fun way to explore the natural beauty of this area. Simply follow the bike paths or, for those looking for a challenge, some of the mountain roads leading to the peaks and offering a view of the unforgettable scenery of the islands.


If your family likes to summer activities, there is nothing better than playing beach volleyball on the beautiful Dalmatian beaches. Enjoy the party while trying to ensure victory for his team and spend your holiday in an active way.


even those who have no experience with this activity will quite quickly, with the help of experienced instructors, learn the basics and start to really enjoy kayaking. Coordinating muscle strength and balancing relax while gently glide over the surface of the sea.


Explore Umag zaleđje riding on beautiful horses and follow the historical road of ancient Rome and the Emperor Napoleon. With professional instructors and tame horses will easily learn the basics of riding or improve previously acquired skills.


enjoy an unforgettable trip by boat to the nearby island of Rab, which includes traditional Mediterranean meals, fresh fish and excellent wines. Stop at one of the hidden beaches which the island is rich and, for the end to a perfect trip, swim in the turquoise blue sea.


One of the funniest and most popular group activities in the world is an excellent choice for fun and excitement. All you need is good will and competitive spirit, and the natural environment will give you enough room to hide, play and beautiful memories.


when you stand on skis, do not expect the snow beneath them, but be prepared for hilarious excitement as you speedboat towing at full speed over the surface of the sea. Once you have a sense of balance and your instructors show you some tricks, free yourself and try yourself to perform some of the pieces on the water.

Wine tasting

visit one of the many farms that offer local food and excellent local wines in an authentic and picturesque setting. Try some of the best Croatian wines and learn more about their origin from top connoisseurs.


bananas, speed boat, jet ski, pedal boats, bicycles, moped – varied offer of activities on water and land is waiting for you near the hotel.


This unusual combination of submarine and the ship is everything you could want. Perfectly safe vessel semiSUBMARINE allows you to witness the beautiful marine life of always just thick glass.


Postojna Cave
Krapina (Neanderthal)

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Carneval in Crikvenica

Villa Harmonie auf dem Karneval in Crikvenica

Karneval Crikvenica

It is lively, colorful and fun to Crikvenica streets. Were held as much as two traditional carnival parades – one dedicated to the children and other adults lovers of carnival customs. Thousands of happy, singing and dancing masks, welcomed the visitors. First are the masquerade scene stepped our youngest, who are under the Children’s carnival parade showed his brilliant imagination and skills and delighted everyone with their kid’s directness and charming performance. He then started the Great Carnival parade, which this year brought together participants from all over and many interesting masks. Each of them brought a smile to someone’s face, regardless of whether it is proudly presented the tradition of their region or the display humorous commentary on everyday life

Karneval in Crikvenica 29.02.201720170129_203120


Urlaub: Dortsein statt Dasein

Familienausfug auf den SUP Boards Villa Harmonie Crikvenica

Boat trip

I’m often asked what should we do while on holidays in Croatia?. There are so many ways to experience the magic of Croatia. Meander the warrens of centuries-old cobbled streets, discovering UNESCO sites as you go. Spend a day or maybe weeks mesmerised by the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea as you sail the many Islands of Croatia (we love like Korcula Island) or,  perhaps you’d like to hike, cycle or raft along one of the eight stunning national parks? And, that’s just for starters. Creating a list of must see places in Croatia has almost no end. Before making the trip make sure you have all the essential travel necessities to make your Croatia vacation that much more comfortable.

Today we were on the island. We ate lamb. We drove speedboats


Video of Villa Harmonie and Harmonie Beach

Herzlich willkommen in unserer Villa Harmonie in Crikvenica.
Erleben sie die Schoensten Tage des Jahres in diesen exclusiven,
mit viel Liebe zum Detail eingerichteten Ferienwohnungen von 1 Schlafzimmer. Jede Ferienwohnung hat eine oder mehrere grosse Sonnenterassen und
Balkone 10-15qm gross, mit einem herrlichen Blick auf die kristallklare Adria wo sie das Meer fluestern hoeren.

Riviera Crikvenica

Harmonie Beach SUPboard&Kayak

Crikvenička rivijera, područje osebujnog identiteta satkanoga od vrijednih antičkih tragova, stoljetne turističke tradicije, privrženosti moru i ribarstvu te ljepota i raznolikosti prirode. Rivijeru Crikvenica čine šarmantna, pitoma i pitoreskna mala turistička mjesta u nizu: Crikvenica, Dramalj, Jadranovo i Selce. Ova četiri turistička bisera smještena su na jednom od najslikovitijih dijelova Jadranske obale, a jedinstvenima ih čini to što su tako različiti, a tako skladni. Raznolikost prirodnih krajolika, od morskoga dijela preko zelenog zaleđa obližnje Vinodolske doline, do kontinentalnog šumskog predjela, čini Rivijeru Crikvenica posebnom i privlačnom turističkom destinacijom. Crikvenica, Dramalj, Jadranovo i Selce Vas očekuju s gostoljubivim domaćinima, skladom sunca, svježeg zraka, mirisa mora i primorskoga kamena te zelenilom parkova i šetnica. Želimo Vam ugodan boravak i nadamo se da će naša mjesta postati dio Vaših najdražih uspomena!

2015 Award Winner

Villa Harmonie Weltmeister in der Kategorie "Champions breakfast"von bookingsbest des grossten Reiseportals der Welt

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